Little Tomatoes

Gotta love a little tomato.

It’s been a very happy year for Tomatoes.

Outside of my front door is an enormous tomato plant.  It occupies the same space as every other tomato plant in previous years, but for some reason… this year… it has chosen to flourish.  It has grown… is practically overgrown… bearing fruit in a slow but persistent stream.  The fruit are small, but tasty.  And yes, sometimes the snails eat them before I can harvest them.  The plant has taken over the designated space and crept onto our outdoor table.  It has covered the chairs we use to sit at that table.  Now it threatens to cover even more of my garden as it heads towards another bench slightly further away.

I hesitate to cut it down.  I mean… I feel it is somewhat symbolic of the original Happy Tomato.  Larger than life, overflowing the designated space.  Living, growing, caring not that he was in a space where others thought that he shouldn’t be.

Today I look at that bush and I wonder how long I will have it with me.  My Happy Tomato plant.

Tomato Set 4

More photos.

Now THESE are some Happy Tomatoes

Bright red cherry clusters.